Loan Checklist

Loan Documentation Checklist

 *You are not required to provide any of this information until a property address has been identified, a Loan Estimate has been issued, and you have declared your intent to proceed with your loan application. 

___1)  Last 2 Years Federal Tax Returns (personal & business- all pages)

___2)  W-2s/1099s/K-1s for the last 2 years

___3)  Most recent paystub(s) showing Year to Date income of at least 30 days.

___4)  Most recent bank/brokerage/retirement statements (all pages of the “mailed statement” equivalent).  An internet printout is acceptable as long as it is identical to the paper statement you receive by mail.  A 35 day transaction history from the branch is also acceptable as long as each page is signed and stamped by the teller.  All deposits into your accounts must be verified.

___5)  Awards Letters if receiving social security or pension income.  If unable to locate please provide your last 3 months bank statements (all pages) showing the funds are being deposited into your bank account monthly.

___6)  Divorce Decrees/Separation Agreements to document alimony, child support, or division of debts/assets.

___7)  Closing Disclosure/HUD(1) from any recent property sales

___8)  Drivers License(s) and Debit Card for appraisal & application fees. (Check is also acceptable if you wish to pay after Loan Estimate is disclosed).

___9)   Recent Mortgage Statement, Property Tax Bill, Home Insurance Declarations, Home Owners Association Bill for all real estate owned.

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